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Thomas Wong

SIG Chair: Health and Systems Thinking

Bachelor of Engineering with First Class Honours in IT
Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Master of Engineering in Telecommunication
Therapist of Traditional Chinese Medicine Deep Tissue pain therapy (1991-now)
Chair of Health and Systems Thinking SIG of ISSS (2008-now)
Liasion officer of C&W region, Auxiliary Medical Service HKSAR (2006-now)
Permanent Honorary President of Hong Kong Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners Association HKSAR (2009-now)
Founder of Ancient Balance Medicine Research and Education Fund Foundation (non-profit) Ltd. (2007-now)
Fellow, Australian Natural Therapist Association (1999-now)

Interests: Anthropocene within the human body system, General System Theory, Ancient Chinese and India system theory, Confucianism five virtues system, Buddha's five aggregates human mind system, Buddha's Eight-fold noble path meditation methodology, Taoism Taichi Yin-Yang System theory, Traditional Chinese Medicine Differential Diagnosis-Cure process, Health and system thinking, Healthcare Protection Program, TCM diet therapy, Middle-way exercise therapy, 24h lifestyle therapy, TCM clinical research, pain therapy, Spirituality and Systems, Vipassana mental healthcare mind mastering methodology, Viable System Model, Art of Science, Art of Living, Art of Dying, Heaven and Hell, Nibbana(Null), happiness and harmony, Taichi organizational force, entropy, second law of thermodynamics. Specialties: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ancient Chinese and India system theory

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ThomasWongVIP
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ecbalance
Google+: https://plus.google.com/102484886037501856663/posts
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/ABMEdu
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