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Professor Ockie Bosch

International Society for the Systems Sciences
Professor Ockie Bosch was born in Pretoria, South Africa. He first came to Australia in 1979 where he was an invited senior visiting scientist with the CSIRO in Alice Springs. After one year in Longreach (1989) he emigrated to New Zealand where he was offered a position with Landcare Research. In 2000 he was offered a position as Professor in Natural Systems Management at the University of Queensland in Australia. In 2012 he moved to the University of Adelaide where he leads the Systems Design and Complexity Management Alliance in the Faculty of the Professions.
Professor Bosch is a practicing scientist for 43 years. He is currently Chair of the International Committee for Systems Education, Vice President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (portfolio Systems Education), and an Academician of the International Academy for and Systems and Cybernetics Sciences.
Professor Bosch’s current research/professional specialties and interests are in Systems thinking and dynamics; Sustainable Development with a focus on whole systems, natural systems and business. His main teaching and research interests are in the application of systems theory in communities where it can make a difference and the development of systemic management guidelines for sustainable systems management; the development of computer software-systems for efficient technology transfer; and development of processes and mechanisms for linking research and management. Special emphasis is on systems analysis with stakeholders, identification of options and strategies to solve problems/achieve goals; mapping data and information availability for evaluating ecological, social and economic outcomes; developing management and policy guidelines through collaborative learning processes. He is especially involved with the coordination and development of inter-disciplinary research programmes; Integration of ecological understanding with social and economical issues in systems approaches; development of evolving information systems as information dissemination and collaborative learning tools; processes and mechanisms to link science with management and policy making. Professor Bosch has also played a major role in the redesigning of the Adelaide MBA, giving the program a systems foundation in order to produce Managers and leaders that are equipped with new ways of thinking that are systems design-led to deal with complex problems in a systemic, integrated and collaborative fashion and ensuring Business and government institutions are making socially responsible investment decisions in the face of a continually changing geo-political and socio-economic landscape.
He has published more than 60 articles in scientific Journals around the world