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Marc Soloway

Bonai Shalom
Boulder, CO

Rabbi Marc Soloway has been Bonai Shalom’s rabbi in Boulder, Colorado since his 2004 ordination from Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in California. Previously he was an actor and complementary medicine practitioner in London. He chairs Hazon’s Rabbinical Advisory Board, was part of a 2012 rabbis’ delegation to Ghana with AJWS, is a graduate of the Institute of Jewish Spirituality and a board member of Ramah of the Rockies. Marc narrates two films: PBS featured A Fire in the Forest: Life and Legacy of the Baal Shem Tov and Treasure under the Bridge: Pilgrimage to Hassidic Masters of Ukraine, released in 2015. Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, in both films, has been a bridge between Hassidut and contemporary expressions of Jewish life and an important teacher for Marc, giving him secondary smicha shortly before he died in 2014. Marc had the deep honor of co-officiating Reb Zalman’s funeral. With a commitment to a more sustainable community, Marc was listed in The Forward’s most inspiring rabbis of 2014. Vision | Sustainability, creativity and spirituality define the ways in which I connect to and transmit Judaism to Jews and non-Jews, striving to bring a rich and nuanced past into a vibrant future. In the tradition of my teacher Reb Zalman and others, “neo-Hassidim” integrates the psycho-spiritual depth of the Hassidic masters with an urgent response to the issues and needs of our time, as activists and practitioners; healers and teachers. Most of those we serve and inspire crave that they be seen and heard, witnessed with love and authenticity. Our role is to hear them and to help them tell their own sacred stories along with the ancient narratives of our people, and to live lives of meaning and connection in a frightening and confusing world. Imagination and compassion help my rabbinate breathe.