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Mary Edson

United States

Mary Edson is President of the International Federation for Systems Research.  As a Scholar/Practitioner whose major interests are in Complex Adaptive Social Systems, she teaches courses in Executive Leadership, Strategic Project Management, and Talent Management including Diversity and Inclusion. Through experiential learning and development of organizational leadership competencies, her students apply systems thinking to improve business performance in their organizations. She also leads a team of Systems Scientists in the development of a Guide to Systems Research. As an Organizational Coach, she relies on a solid grounding in I/O Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Organization Development, and Project Management in the context of developing sustainable systems and organizational resilience. As a proactive Project Manager, she thrives in roles that require adaptive leadership by directing large team projects through analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. Her forte is helping others approach problem solving and decision making not only systematically, but also systemically (seeing whole systems beyond their parts).